Monday, September 5, 2011

new design, new life.

i was browsing through some websites just now during lunch
and i think i need one too. since new company will be completing
soon i guess i would need to have new photos and image and all
for a new website.

it is time to start designing. now, when was the last time i designed
something. many, many years ago i reckon. time to take out those
dusty books from the bookshelf.

we're heading towards end of the year already. fingers crossed for
no-obstacles-and-smooth-sailing-jobscope! i wish everybody the
same too.

work it, work it!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Is there a new trend going around the web that I do not know of? In photography style that is. I recently came across this website with snapshots of a Japanese girl levitating. Very interesting and it seems like levitation is the new black. So I've decided to do some of my own, simple ones.

It seems like levitating photos are only a success if you're making the right facial expressions. There are easier ways of taking levitating photos with the help of tables for example, to support ones levitating posture and uses photoshop for final touch-ups. I, on the other hand prefer to do it the hard way. More satisfying, I reckon. Here's one that I did with Kevin.

What do you think?

A short break at the cafeteria

I am currently at the gyms cafeteria trying to rest before working out. Had too much dimsum with parents. However, the longer I rest the hungrier it feels god it feels like I should eat but I can't cos I just did.

This is the hassle of waking up late in the afternoon. You have to like take both breakfast and lunch together. I hate this. It would be best to wake up early for my usual breakfast and workout and then lunch. That would be perfect. This ought to end. Sleep and wake up early.

Alright, I think it's about time to warm up and start pumping! Before I end this post I would like to show how committed I am in blogging again. Downloaded this app off AppStore call blogpress. Apparently you get to snap pictures and post entries all from your iPhone. Awesome, right? So if I feel like blogging but I don't have my laptop with me, I can do it here. Here's a picture of how me and my brother looks like resting in the cafeteria.

Good day people!

Location:Jalan Puteri 2/2,Puchong,Malaysia

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's been a long time

tell you what. i don't expect to have anymore readers here.
it's been way too long. if i remembered clearly the last time
i posted an entry here was 4 years ago? where have i been?
what have i been doing? most importantly, how is everything
with me? I'm good but a lot has happened. so much can
happen in a day, what more 4 years. to start things off,
I'm going to briefly summarized everything in this entry.

last entry. i was in beijing. yes, work. stayed in beijing for
7 months and i think being there was the main reason why
i stopped blogging here and moved to some chinese blogging
site instead. blogspot wasn't accessible in beijing. they blocked
the site for some reason and also cos of some other reasons.
relationships, well, let's not get there. haha.

from beijing to taipei for some competition and basically
lived there for a total of three years and finally came back
malaysia til present. is this too brief. haha alright. what was
i doing at taipei? i went to so-called challenge these
contestants in taipei from a very famous singing competition
and build myself some reputation, unknowingly. it was good.
i got to feel whats it like to be on newspapers almost
everyday and to appear on their entertainment channels.
wow, come to think of it. i feel like a superstar. not to mention
being captured by gossip medias going out with some one else.
sounds too good to believe, right? had my own concert and
then released a single which went as a hit in china, taipei and
malaysia. awesome, i know. it would be way awesome if my
ex-company went on with it instead of leaving the heat to
cool off. let's not get there, again. of course, when shit happens
it seemed like every other shits falls at the same time.
relationship is included. well, let's not get there. god.

so yes, thats what happened and here i am back in
malaysia and because of one particular reason i've
decided to make myself a change. i wanted six packs
all these while. i wanted good body figure like bruce lee.
i didn't have no motivation. the group of people i went
to workout with before wasn't serious. we did everything
but the wrong way. i guess when they say shit happens it
means something good will show up and this might
just be the good showing up. i bumped into an old college
mate during a musical show and he is not an owner of a
fitness center. so much difference since the last time i saw
him, like 10 years ago. told him what i wanted and he
shaped me up. it wasn't easy cos i had to go with diets and
working out six times a week but with one goal and
determination it wasn't that bad. especially when you're
like used to taking all these tasteless food and workout
schedule. i guess part of what happened to me in
relationship helped pushed me a little farther. thank you.

so what's going to happen next? i'll most probably
go back to taipei for some training and have my album
preparation done before mid of next year hopefully.
wish me luck to whoever who's reading this.

alright it's my country's national day today hence
i'd like to wish every malaysian from everywhere
in the world a happy national day. signing off.
happy holidays too!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

what is love?

i read sisters blog just now and found an article
of her doing something really silly. she said she
scared some of her friends with her driving technique
so i assume it's something bad-la.. with my car :S

anyway, here's a little something for you. if you
come across this article. now, have you ever asked
yourself what is love? what is love all about?

love has a very wide meaning. but of course, everyone
has their own ways of defining love. but really, love
is like a game. life is like a game. everything is about
making decisions and one decision affects another. maybe
to the same destination but using different paths.

if love is like a game. you really need to start by
loving yourself before learning to love another. both
sides are in the game. the love game. if you know the
rules, you're fit to be in the game. else, byebye.

it's always about loving yourself more. it's like
getting insurance paid for yourself. heck, if you lose
the game, who's gonna be there to help you? no one.
it's just you. no one else. just you. i repeat, just

well, if you want to love. start off by learning to love
yourself. else, get your mind-set to that before stepping
in it.

and i see you have been having fun clubbing around the
city.. haha work hard, play harder.. with BRAINS!~

Saturday, June 9, 2007

shitty net

i don't know what the hell is wrong with the
connections here. first i couldn't login to
the net. then i couldn't access pplive streaming
to watch tv online. then now i can't even open
my own blogspot page site..


here's the funny part, i can't view my blogspot
my i can access and still blog in blogspot. so
can anyone tell me what the hell is wrong?

it's already bad enough not being able to access
certain sites from where i am now and now new

new and shitty.

in the meantime i'll just blog like this and
see when miracles shall fall upon me.

chill out :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


felt so paralyzed not being able to come online
for the past few days. weren't even able to steal
lines from nearby houses.

paralyzed. that's the only word to describe how
i felt back then. the feeling is just hard to
describe. it's like when you're so used to going
online everyday and all of the sudden, it's all
taken aback.


so what's the next big news? i'm coming home! hoho!
should be back next week if everythings confirmed
tomorrow. thats the good news. the bad news is that
i'll only be back for 4 days. 2 days of work and
that's all! i feel happy and stoned at the same time.


don't feel like talking now. tired hands. and yes,
i wanna pray for someone tonight. and may everything
in the brain be great help to the task tomorrow at

good luck! :)